Fled from Syria

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Pieced together like a mosaic, the daily routine of Welcomefeder consists of fragmentary impressions, diligence and bureaucratic challenges, in which we want to give an insight on the blog here.
In particular the individuals should have their say whose destinies and experiences were the reason why Welcomefeder had been launched in the first place.
The blog starts with a personal statement of Sepan, 20 years, from Damascus, who arrived in Hamburg about three months ago.
He will continue writing on this blog constantly.

I am a refugee.

Once i was a normal person, a person with dreams and full of hope, surrounded by the people that really love me just because of who I am.
My dreams were really simple: Just like any other guy i wanted to study and graduate to make my family proud.
But now I am not that guy anymore because now I am a refugee who had to leave everything behind. (more…)

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